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TriCounty Feeds is the registered trademark for animal feeds produced in our Aylmer and Thorndale locations. Together with the help of Shur Gainís research and technology, TriCounty Feeds is able to provide customers with an effective, high quality feed at competitive prices. We believe in supporting our local farmers and producers, and thus strive to source our grains from as close as possible and providing services such as daily feed deliveries and feed sampling.

Between our two locations, we are able to produce a large number of feeds in a variety of textures. Thorndale Farm Supplies operates a computerized pellet mill, which is able to produce pelletized and mashed feeds as well as grinding and rolling grain, largely for hog, dairy, goat and poultry. Elgin Feeds operates the only grist mill in Elgin County and is able to grind and roll grains, plus has a computerized molasses mixer for producing a variety of feeds including: horse, dairy, beef, goat and poultry.


197 King St. Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0


Mon to Fri: 8am-5pm | Sat: 8am-12pm


The feed mill in Thorndale began in 1900, when Graham Tolton first built a grain elevator. Originally powered by a single horse on a treadmill, Toltonís Mill was able to adequately serve the local community. As the mill expanded, a chopper and steam engine were purchased to keep up with the increased demand.

Mr. C.E. Nourse purchased the mill in 1919 and continued to grow the business, hiring a manager to help him with operations. Grain and Coal Company bought and controlled the mill from 1931 until 1961. However the mill was destroyed by fire in the late 1950s.

In 1961, Mr. Paul Texel purchased what was left of the mill, rebuilt it, and opened what became known as Paulís Feed and Mill in 1963. He completely updated the mill, making improvements such as a new central control panel, allowing a single operator to control loading and unloading, a new molasses mixer, a grinder, roller, grain cleaner and later on, a storage building.

Paulís Feed and Mill offered a complete line of bulk feed to local farmers, but was also able to purchase grains such as wheat, oats, barley and corn and process it to ship to Toronto.

The feed mill was purchased by Ronald Johnson and Murray Hill in April 1969, undergoing a name change to Thorndale Farm Supplies and was later sold to Dick Nieuwland in 1978. Wilf Saarloos purchased the mill in 2003 and has remained owner since. Thorndale Farm Supplies now has 3 feed trucks, 15 employees and has expanded to include a Pride Seed dealership, providing corn and soybean seeds for local farmers.

Elgin Feeds

26 Beech St. Aylmer, ON N5H 1A1


Mon to Fri: 8am-6pm | Sat: 8am-3pm


Built in the mid 1940's on the southwest corner of John and Beech Street and on the north side of the CNR rail line, Elgin Co-op was established as a cooperative to serve the growing needs of the local farmers. Operating out of a small 1100sq ft store and office, business mainly consisted of local farmers buying memberships and using them to buy and sell grain, feed, and ingredients for their own use.

As the Aylmer area continued to grow, so did the local feed mill. The business soon grew enough to have eight employees and one feed delivery truck. A 1500, and later a 2800 sq ft addition were built to serve the increased needs of farmers and to stock a wider variety of animal health, pet food, as well as some farm hardware. In 1990, Elgin Co-op was sold to Topnotch Feeds. Wilf Saarloos, the manager of the Dorchester branch was hired as the new manager. Only 4 years later, Wilf bought the feed mill from Topnotch, as well as the grain elevator and the fuel station and renamed it Elgin Feeds.

The new Elgin Feeds began to buy feed and ingredients from Shur Gain as well as buying grain from local farmers. Shur Gain is a division of Nutreco, a company which sells directly to large-scale farms and dealer companies like Elgin Feeds. The reasons Shur Gain was chosen as the primary feed dealer are:

Elgin Feeds has undergone several updates since its establishment in the 40's, and most recently, the conversion to Elgin Feeds Ltd. Country Store. A garden centre was built, as well as a re-branding of the store front. A fuel card lock was built to provide customers with 24 hour access to fuel. The project was completed in 2005. Today, Elgin Feeds has many more employees, three feed delivery trucks, and continues to grow.

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